Web Design & Development

We’ve had a lot of requests for web development projects lately so we thought it would be helpful to outline the phases of an average website design and development project. Understanding the milestones and scope of each project helps us build more realistic schedules and more accurate estimates.

Ink Spread Mask Freebie

My good friend and fellow director Kai Feliciano wanted an end credit sequence for her short film shot in Hawaii. The final animation is based on traditional Polynesian tattoos. The Hawaiian people have their own traditional tattoo art, known as ‘kakau’. It serves not only for ornamentation and distinction, but for guarding their health and spiritual well-being. Intricate patterns, mimicking woven reeds or other natural forms, graced the arms, legs, torsos and faces of the warriors.


The Little Engine That Could - ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is our weapon of choice when it comes to building content management system based websites. We frequently get asked about the features and benefits of using ExpressionEngine so I thought I would highlight some of the key areas of importance.