Brand Identity

In the ever-growing and crowded landscape of commerce the need for distinction is essential. A brand is a promise. By identifying and authenticating a product or service it delivers a pledge. Re:think partners with clients to develop unique brand identities. Beginning with the earliest stages of strategy and ideation, we develop identity systems, packaging, environment design, communications, marketing and advertising.

Logo Design

The most memorable logos portray the essence of an idea. They’re a distillation of the brand into its simplest form. We understand what makes a successful logo. We know the accepted standards and rules for logo creation and application, and give our clients individualized brand symbols that exemplify their company’s character and effectively communicate its core values. We also understand how much more there is to building a great brand than just the logo. At every step we’ll help you create an immersive brand.

Print Design & Production

Print design and production requires a vast knowledge of every step of the process. From the earliest stages of preplanning and coordination with printing providers, to setting up mechanicals and press specifications, to color matching and proofing and final delivery of printed materials. Great design means nothing without extraordinary production quality. Re:think is also committed to finding the most ecologically sound printing solutions that positively affect our environment.

Interactive Design

Interactive media is a crucial means for communicating brand identity and values, as well as for driving specific offers and promotions and gathering measurable consumer feedback. We create interactive media in a variety of formats and for most every platform. Re:think’s understanding of evolving interactive gives us the ability to provide our clients and their customers with an entertaining and engaging brand experience that flows seamlessly across various media.


Illustration has the ability to: give faces to characters in a story, visualize sets of instructions in a technical manual, communicate subtle thematic tone in narrative, and link brands to ideas of human expression, individuality and creativity. Some ideas require specific illustrative techniques. Re:think offers a wide variety of illustrative services.


Animation can take many forms. Re:think has explored techniques ranging from its earliest beginnings of flip-books, to stop-motion and rotoscoping of video, to digital solutions like Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, and Motion. Our portfolio includes work for film festivals, title credits for short films, website banners, event displays and experimental exploration.


Photography can paint a picture, tell a story, or record an event. Producing a successful picture requires choosing and presenting a subject to achieve a particular effect, and selecting the right camera and other photographic enhancing tools. Our portfolio includes portraiture, product and landscape photography.

Video Production

We work with a talented team of commercial directors and filmmakers. Whether on location or on a sound stage, we are prepared to help with your next commercial, branded content, promo or corporate production. Our knowledge and experience cover everything from pre-production, to production, to editing and post.